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US-2011145492-A1: Polymorphous signal interface between processing units patent, US-2011233725-A1: Semiconductor device and method of designing the same patent, US-2011246097-A1: Method and System for Determining Aerodynamic Loads from Leading Edge Flow Parameters patent, US-2011277792-A1: Car wash system with lighted spray arms and method of making same patent, US-2011295618-A1: Apparatus and method for generating quality informatics knowledge patent, US-2011318281-A1: Lactobacillus Salivarius SG-M6 for Improving Oral Bacterial Groups and Health Care Compositions Thereof patent, US-2012008234-A1: Low friction tape head and system implementing same patent, CN-101213988-A: Hickory process rough material preservation fresh-keeping method patent, US-2012020504-A1: Light activated hearing device patent, US-2012022632-A1: Extendable Flushing System patent, US-2012041162-A1: Method for producing olefin polymer patent, US-2012042710-A1: Pex crimp tool with crimping insert release patent, US-2012058427-A1: Pattern forming method, chemical amplification resist composition and resist film patent, US-2012080301-A1: Contaminent resistant membrane in a dome switch and methods for making the same patent, US-2012085547-A1: Processes and systems for treating oil and gas wells patent, US-2012119491-A1: Hollow Fiber Connection patent, US-2012138316-A1: Enhanced oil recovery systems and methods patent, US-2012223465-A1: Sterile blow moulding machine with non-sterile media supply patent, US-2012298412-A1: Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2013013338-A1: Software features for medical infusion pump patent, US-2013049065-A1: Bi-directional switch with q1 and q4 control patent, US-2013050843-A1: Zoom lens, imaging apparatus, and method for manufacturing zoom lens patent, US-2013146297-A1: Preloading device patent, US-2013194618-A1: Method of image processing from multiple scanners patent, US-2013196598-A1: Link emission control patent, US-2013207477-A1: Method, system and computer-readable recording medium for transferring wireless power by using antennas with high orders of spherical modes patent, US-2013213504-A1: Fluid control apparatus and fuel supply system patent, US-2013253226-A1: Process for preparing 3-aminomethyl-3,5,5-trimethylcyclohexylamine patent, US-2013259485-A1: Distortion compensation circuit including tunable phase path patent, US-2013282623-A1: Tax Efficient Multi-Manager Equity Separately Managed Account patent, US-2013302164-A1: Magnus rotor with balancing weights and method for balancing a body of revolution patent, US-2014022233-A1: Driving Device for Liquid Crystal Display patent, US-2014058159-A1: Methane conversion apparatus and process using a supersonic flow reactor patent, US-2014080849-A1: Small Molecular Inhibitors of RAD51 Recombinase and Methods Thereof patent, US-2014087239-A1: Hermetic coin cell-type assemblies patent, US-2014093644-A1: Substrate treatment method and substrate treatment apparatus patent, US-2014176254-A1: High-frequency signal transmission line and electronic device patent, US-2014191692-A1: Synchronous energy source switching controller and method of operation thereof patent, US-2014205343-A1: Tape Cassette patent, US-2014233881-A1: Optical waveguide, optical interposer and light source patent, US-2014252329-A1: Display panel and method for fabricating the same patent, US-2014276162-A1: Systems and methods for processing and analyzing medical data patent, US-2014277568-A1: Medical Implant II patent, US-2014305884-A1: Method and device for cleaning wastewater from a coke quenching tower with shortened catch basin dwell time patent, US-2014335190-A1: New non-abusable pharmaceutical composition comprising opioids patent, US-2014364759-A1: Ultrasensitive and compact device for noninvasive acquisition of low strength bio signals and method of using same patent, US-2014378619-A1: Method for producing an epoxidized natural rubber, rubber composition for tires, and pneumatic tire patent, US-2015010127-A1: X-ray device, method, manufacturing method for structure, program, and recording medium on which program is recorded patent, US-2015019136-A1: Systems and methods for determining retinal ganglion cell populations and associated treatments patent, US-2015027693-A1: Systems and methods for production of gas wells patent, US-2015028973-A1: Slot motor, slot motor cover, slot motor - arc plate assembly, and methods of operation patent, US-2015043234-A1: Light source module and lamp for vehicle having the same patent, US-2015087048-A1: Apparatus and method of processing microorganisms patent, US-2015087874-A1: Reactor and Method for Gasifying and/or Cleaning a Starting Material patent, US-2010130168-A1: Prevention of a Bidding-Down Attack in a Communication System patent, US-2010148085-A1: Radiation detecting apparatus, radiographic image capturing system, and radiographic image capturing method patent, US-2010207929-A1: Booster circuit and display device patent, US-2010211639-A1: Apparatus and method for serving annular messages to local browsers patent, US-2010219443-A1: LED Packaging Structure With Blind Hole Welding Device patent, US-2010246657-A1: Apparatus and Methods for Digital Adaptive Equalizer in Serial Receiver patent, US-2010255339-A1: Plated aluminum product patent, US-2011110225-A1: Network traffic transfer between a radio base station node and a gateway node patent, US-2011110424-A1: Video Encoder and Data Processing Method patent, US-2011180882-A1: Semiconductor Device and Method of Fabricating the Same patent, US-2011196089-A1: Polylactic acid resin composition, polylactic acid resin molded article and method for producing polylactic acid resin composition patent, US-2011268165-A1: Cable modem and method of supporting various packet cable protocols patent, US-2011287179-A1: Device and method for applying glue patent, US-2011298015-A1: Sensing device patent, US-2011300575-A1: Cell-free system for synthesis of proteins derived from cultured mammalian cells patent, US-2012043823-A1: Switching Circuits For Extracting Power From An Electric Power Source And Associated Methods patent, US-2012046311-A1: Chemokine receptor antagonists and methods of use thereof patent, US-2012082940-A1: Photolithography process for semiconductor device patent, US-2012086643-A1: Keyboard device with optically enhanced display output patent, US-2012089307-A1: Work Vehicle Control Device patent, US-2012174865-A1: Deposition source and organic layer deposition apparatus including the same patent, US-2012208757-A1: Use of hyaluronan for promoting angiogenesis patent, US-2012269833-A1: Allorestricted peptide-specific t cells patent, US-2013036891-A1: Orchestral peg turning device patent, US-2013061872-A1: Ion bombardment treatment apparatus and method for cleaning of surface of base material using the same patent, US-2013085388-A1: Tissue puncture assemblies and methods for puncturing tissue patent, US-2013107421-A1: Ceramic electronic component and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2013168661-A1: Electro-Optic Device and Method for Manufacturing Same patent, US-2013198987-A1: Interdental cleaning member and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2013209742-A1: Styrene resin composition, and molded article thereof patent, US-2013342908-A1: Method of manufacturing a diffraction grating patent, US-2014000927-A1: Bus-bar set and manufacturing method therefor patent, US-2014017578-A1: Reducing Oxygen and Electrolyte Transport Limitations in the Lithium/Oxygen Battery through Electrode Design and Wetting Control patent, US-2014020950-A1: Cable Feedthrough patent, US-2014023695-A1: Patch preparation patent, US-2014093943-A1: Methods of treating a surface and compositions for use therein patent, US-2014096878-A1: High-strength aluminum alloy extruded material and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2014102734-A1: Fire Suppression Module, Modular System Including Same, and Method of Installing Modular System patent, US-2014105926-A1: Immunogenic composition patent, US-2014120124-A1: Cell capable of expressing exogenous gitr ligand patent, US-2014167861-A1: Bias circuit and power amplifier with dual-power mode patent, US-2014170032-A1: Metal filter for purifying exhaust gas from ship, and preparation method thereof patent, US-2014176854-A1: Display apparatus and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2014222153-A1: Compound angle implant patent, US-2014242397-A1: Environmentally-friendly polyurethane matting and the method of production thereof patent, US-2014323789-A1: Methods and systems for processing crude oil using cross-flow filtration patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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